The Approach

Our approach as an education development company is to provide a curriculum and system of teaching that empowers local leaders and institutions (Churches, local government, startup schools)  to create quality and affordable alternatives to the mainstream higher education system. Our ultimate focus is to strengthen local communities by creating the forward thinking, young, leaders required for these communities to flourish. The leaders our education method creates are wise, problem solvers, with an understanding of what is true, good, and beautiful, allowing local communities to reengage in the molding of mainstream culture.

The Products

Our products supply local institutions with the tools to create a more effective, affordable, and comprehensive method for undergraduates to build the restorative skills of leadership, problem solving, and entrepreneurship. We do this by providing them with a holistic education centered around the Christian worldview, wisdom, and entrepreneurship.

YADA is our critical thinking software allowing your students to put the critical thinking method out on paper in visual form. This software was developed as a tool for interacting with hard to digest text in the most effective and thurough way.


Our Coram Deo Curriculum walks your students through a series of steps that guide them to their own conclusions in a manner that connects the dots between the Biblical narrative and everyday reality. It does this by first teaching the importance of the Biblical story, social interaction and communication, and critical thinking and ending with a focus on holistic wisdom.